Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Outstanding: The Silent, Unrecognized Victims of Totalitarian Feminism.


This piece articulates a lot of common sense about women, sex and babies.

This quote is a keeper:

A sage, former Ivy League professor notes that “the deepest reason the Sexual Revolution has turned into a totalitarian movement is because what it is trying to do is literally impossible: it is impossible to separate sex and babies.”

Very insightful piece.

Here's another good nugget:

"One of the lies of the Sexual Revolution, she added, was that “we were told we could have it all, and it didn’t matter how long you postpone your fertility.”

“We were told a lie,” Morse said.

Doctors say your fertility peaks in your 20s, and the feminists told them to shut up.”

"It’s gotten so bad that, nowadays, infertility is almost part of a woman’s career path, she said.
Morse cited as an example her daughter’s recent experience in an upper-level UC Berkeley demography class, taught by a woman professor who liked to make snide comments about Catholics’ and Mormons’ big families. Then one day the professor let it slip that every female professor she knew had infertility problems, and told the class’ females to expect them, too."

This is the deal women were offered by the Sexual Revolution, and it’s a bum deal,” Morse said."

You can participate  in college and (career) as long as you agree to chemically neuter yourself during your child-birthing years and go through dangerous fertility experiments during your 30s.”

"Feminism and the Sexual Revolution takes the world as it is and makes the woman’s body adapt to it, and “that’s an inhumane policy,” Morse said.

“I say, why not make the world adapt to the woman’s body?