Monday, February 17, 2014

Margaret Wente: "Transgendered" Children-Have We Gone Too Far?

Well of course.


Here's the most important issue, and it's the part nobody wants to talk about so good for her for publishing these little paragraph in her excellent article:

"A child’s gender issue may merely be a symptom of other family problems

“The dirty little secret is that many of these families have big dysfunctional issues. When you get the clinicians over a beer, they’ll tell you the truth. A lot of the parents aren’t well in terms of their mental health. They think that once the child transitions, all their problems will magically go away, but that’s not really where the stress is located.”

"Clinicians won’t say these things publicly, she says, because they don’t want to sound as if they’re blaming gender problems on screwed-up families."

So, children will get sexually mutilated and drugged up, by their complicit families and physicians and the dirty little secret will swept away, right under the carpet, but at least the mentally ill will feel good about themselves, and that's what's really important, right? 

Seriously-in all the stories of the "transgendered" children have you ever heard a parent who sounds lucid and normal? I haven't. 

And almost always, the father is ABSENT. 

Here's another unintended (or perhaps intended) consequence: 

Five year old girls will get sexually assaulted, but at least the mentally ill will not feel bad about themselves as they "identify" as the other sex-and that is the main thing, right?