Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Has Michael Mann Overplayed His Hand?

So this morning, the evil, seeekrit Joooooooo Kathy Draidle sent me this link EVEN BEFORE I HAD MY COFFEE!

Now that is the sublime dedication of us SteynFrau™x ELEVENTY GAZILLION.

You can read Mark Steyn's Mann About the House update here. 

So, I've been thinking a bit about this latest development and wondering to myself if Mann has finally overplayed his hand?

In other words-has The Hand That Holds The Hockey Stick finally dropped the puck?

There are a lot of Australians who want to see Bolt sue Mann.

(Read the comments in the Bolt piece if you don't believe me.) 

This does not surprise me, because Australians seem to have some sense left in their heads.

Seems that Australians said, enough is enough about this climate nonsense, and their government policy makers had to respond in kind.

Now, it's possible that Professor Mann is acting alone or possible that he has the backing of other individuals and organizations.

So just bear with me for a moment as I think this through.

I think there are several really huge issues at stake here.

One is of course, free speech, which is the cornerstone of freedom for a civilized society.

Mark Steyn has clearly articulated the case for free speech (as if there could possibly be a case "against" free speech...) throughout the years and continues to do an outstanding job at this thankless task up to the present day.

However, pause also to consider how much of the world's economy (and our hard-earned tax dollars), whether in research granting, academic infrastructure, non-profit infrastucture, industry, regulatory bodies, law firm busy work and therefore policy-making and governance is currently focused on the climate change industry.

And it is an industry. 

It is a figure that is too enormous to calculate!

(It is quite possibly more than President Obama spent blew through on "stimulus"! Imagine that?!?!)

How can one even estimate the dollars involved?

Climate everything is a stupendous tool for the left to control populations through macro and micro regulation of lives, industry, behaviour, and the way our tax dollars are spent-it determines how power is distributed.

From the light bulbs in your home, to the amount of water your toilet is "allowed" to flush, from the seeds that are "allowed" to be planted, to the curriculum in your children's schools, there is no facet of human life that is exempt from "climate" extrapolations.

This is the most ingenious, blanket tool of the totalitarian left possibly ever.

Marxism was the blueprint and theory, climate everything and anything is the application and reality. 

Riddle me this: how much of your personal freedom and liberty has been impinged upon, directly or indirectly, by a climate diktat of some sort?

Have you ever calculated the cost?

Thought about it?

How much human liberty is quashed daily because of the amorphous hydra of climate this that or the other?

Therefore, Mann versus Steyn is a big fight, but it's not just about free speech.

The stakes are high, in the trillions of dollars and in the political sphere as well.

There is an astonishing element of element of personal liberty on the line as well.

And for that reason, the fight will be prolonged, expensive and vicious-but ultimately I pray, victorious for Steyn and his supporters worldwide. 

UPDATE via Instapundit:

"Something is Rotten in the State of Science."


Publishers remove 120 computer generated (no doubt "peer reviewed", "evidence-based") scientific papers.