Friday, February 28, 2014

Ed Driscoll: Say, Maybe TMZ Could Open A Washington, D.C Bureau

Personally, I think that there is already a sordid love affair between Hollywood and Washington, D.C

The problem is really what gets reported and what doesn't get reported.

The dirty laundry of conservatives and Republicans will be always be aired by the mainstream media with glee, and there will be always be a State of Omertà on the disgraceful and disgusting behaviour of liberal/Democrats. 

Twitter and Facebook and YouTube have made a small dent in the liberalization of information, but the power of the left influences the distribution of news. 

The late Andrew Breitbart, z"l, was a master of course. 

But Google's owners are firmly left ideologically as are the owners of Twitter and Facebook. 

So it's actually not about using these social media vehicles for the benefit of conservatives. 

We don't need ANOTHER web site forgoooooodnesssake

It's more about creating a social media framework of our own that is not dependent on the very fickle whims and faux tolerance of left-wing media and social media censors. 

Conservatives need to "live" off of the liberal social media "grid". 

You can (and should) quote me on that.