Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Conservatives: Do Not Try to "Win Over" Your Enemies

Faux conservatives have this idea that they can romance and "win over" the other side because we are so polite and nice, and right and stuff.

If you get into the snake pit, you will get a big, poisonous bite from a venomous snake. 

That is 100% for sure.

The Trump "interview" (more like hit piece camouflaged as honest interview request) is a very stern reminder and warning of that indeed.

"They" will never like you. 

Not ever. So stop trying.

Political figures on the right should be very wary of being interviewed by hostile print media.

Mark Steyn notes that he rarely does so.

Steyn basically says do it live or don't do it at all.

Conservatives don't need the lamestream media.

Playing along with them just nurtures the fantasy of their immature fart-catchers.

They will really, really, really, really like us if we talk to them!

We will get invited to their parties!!




You're welcome.