Friday, February 14, 2014

Bruce Bawer: The Gay Rights Cave-In In Sochi

"While noting that gay-rights activists had been detained by cops in Red Square during the opening ceremonies, the British left’s flagship daily seemed to make a point of mentioning this incident in passing and of treating it dismissively – as if it were a minor bit of unpleasantness that certainly shouldn’t be allowed to spoil anybody’s fun."

"As for the American gay activists, at least one explanation for their apparent withdrawal from the Russia issue suggested itself: they needed to get back to the important work of harassing bakers who won’t make gay wedding cakes and photographers who won’t take pictures of gay weddings. With such solemn responsibilities, who has the time to stay focused on Putin’s crackdown on freedom – let alone care about gays in Africa who are being terrorized by cops and pummeled to pieces by sharia-crazed mobs?"