Thursday, February 27, 2014

George Will on Climate Change: Must Read

Read the whole thing. 

"In Indonesia, Kerry embraced Obama's "Shut up, he explained" approach to climate discussion:"

"The science of climate change is leaping out at us like a scene from a 3-D movie." 

"Leaping scenes?"

"The "absolutely certain" science is "something that we understand with absolute assurance of the veracity of that science." And "kids at the earliest age can understand."

"No wonder "97 percent" -- who did the poll? -- of climate scientists agree."

"When a Nazi publishing company produced "100 Authors Against Einstein," the target of this argument-by-cumulation replied: "Were I wrong, one professor would have been quite enough."

"Climate alarmism validates the progressive impulse to micromanage others' lives -- their light bulbs, showerheads, toilets, appliances, automobiles, etc."

"Although this is a nuisance, it distracts liberals from more serious mischief. And conservatives incensed about Obama's proposed $1 billion "climate resilience fund" -- enough for nearly two Solyndra-scale crony capitalism debacles -- should welcome an Obama brainstorm that costs only a single billion"