Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Mark Steyn is One of My Heroes: Hath Not A Jew Eyes?

In an age where so few people articulate the truth, Mark Steyn remains a beacon of courage and moral fortitude. 

"But the violent, murderous phase of the new Jew-hatred is already here - in the emergency ward of the Royal London Hospital; in the corpse-strewn schoolyard of Toulouse; in the synagogue in Brussels set alight by Molotov cocktails; in a pleasant Jewish home in Antwerp, where burning rags were pushed through the mail flap; at the RER train station in Auber, where a commuter was savagely assaulted by a mob taunting, "Palestine will kill the Jews"; in the suburban home where a young Frenchman was tortured to death over three weeks while his family listened via phone to his howls of agony as his captors chanted from the Koran; in the stairwell of the apartment house where a Paris disc-jockey had his throat slit, his eyes gouged out, and his face ripped off by a neighbor who crowed, "I have killed my Jew!"

"The groups who perpetrate this violence come from a minority community - larger than the Jews but not yet larger than everyone else. They are telling you what they will do when they have the numbers to do it."

And as a post script on Toulouse-this latest news. 

"Men" of no particular religion again with their anti-Jew, anti-gay sentiments. 

As Steyn says: 

"They are telling you what they will do when they have the numbers to do it."