Friday, February 21, 2014

OH MAH GAWD Magnificent: Support Mark Steyn's Legal Offense Fund!

These are the best two sentences of the entire day!

Of the year!

I'm giddy!

Of course you must read the whole piece and click on every link but these two little sentences just JUMPED OFF THE SCREEN FOR ME!!

And when I say JUMPED OFF THE SCREEN, I mean-coin drops, *thunk*, duh! Of course!!!!!


"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense."



Is it wrong that I am sort of in love with these two sentences?

Alright maybe not in love, but perhaps just a crush.

OK not really a crush but more like that kind of rah-rah jump up and down, 'yay team' kind of thing that makes you smile from ear to ear, except that I really don't root for any sports teams, so it's sort of hard to imagine myself saying 'yay team', etc.... But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!

Do you feel the same way?

Perhaps having an adolescent-style crush on sentences renders me sort of strange, but I'm OK with that. I can live with that and I've been called much worse.

(A Jewish reader from America recently accused me of being "shrill" because I think Abe Foxman is a dangerous, despicable mute about jihad. I took it as a compliment and told him such.)

This all boils down to one thing: stand up to bullies-because that is the only way to live. 

You know what?

Twenty million bucks would do quite a lot to support free speech.

One could certainly get a lot of free speech mileage for that!

The left has lots of wealthy scumbags doing pro-bono legal work for them and many, many high profile millionaires and billionaires giving money to left-wing organizations to keep power in the hands of the left and redistribute hard-earned money to their cronies and pork projects.

I think it is an absolutely magnificent goal to build a delicious and robust fund to defend individuals from litigious, soft and full-on totalitarians who wish to censor, control and limit free speech.

Take some time and read the details here. 

This is very Breitbart of Mark Steyn and I mean that as one of the highest human comparison compliments that I can muster.

We humans are so flawed and so passive sometimes.

We want "someone" to do "something" and so few people say, hey THAT SOMEONE IS ME.

It is so delightful to see the feisty spirit of fighters spirit alive and kicking.

Would that more people said "no-it doesn't HAVE TO BE THAT WAY" and consign themselves to silent frustration, or whispered and hushed commiserating in the privacy of one's own peer group. 

So today is, no doubt, a special day for free speech.

And it's largely because of a masterful two-sentence declaration of war:

"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense." 

I suspect we will all (those of us who care about free speech) remember when Mark Steyn decided to break the rules and go on the offensive and not ask anyone's permission to be free. I know I will.

I remember reading on my phone about Andrew Breitbart's death.

I remember where I sat on the subway, what station I was at. I can see it in my mind's eye as if it were yesterday. I started crying on the subway. I couldn't believe it. Of course I didn't know him personally, but I felt as though a close friend or relative had passed. I guess I felt he was a spiritual kindred spirit, a Jewish fighter.

That's when I decided to cease blogging anonymously because I realized that he was 43 (my age today) and that I didn't want to live scared of speaking my mind.

I remember the Saturday night after the Sabbath when I read about President Obama's "deal" with Iran, the moment where an American President threw the nation of Israel under the bus.

These are just a few moments seared into my memory, like short films. 

I will remember this day as well because those sentences inspire me.

"So now you know why I haven't set up a formal "legal defense fund". Because I've decided to go on legal offense." 

Perhaps they will inspire you as well.

Aside from the obvious impact of Steyn's battle cry on the fight for free speech, it is also a so very special day for another reason: it's Super Special Unicorns and Fluffy Bunny Science Day at Reddit.

Thus, if you are so inclined,  head over to Reddit today and "Ask Michael Mann Almost Anything".

I'm sure he'd be absolutely delighted to hear from you.