Monday, February 24, 2014

The Dream, As Nightmare-UPDATED

It's the way he looks at me that I remember so clearly.

He is clearly puzzled.

He just cannot fathom why I thought he could not speak.

"Mommy, why did you think I can't speak? I'm talking to you right now! Look at me, we're talking."

And I say to myself, why did I ever think that?

Here we are talking, having a conversation.

Here I am loving your little voice, loving the absolute amazement in your voice, as you laugh, wondering why I ever doubted you could speak.

We have a good laugh, my son and I and he smiles.

It's the sunshine smile that melts hearts.

It is warm out and I feel so happy, and again I think to myself, what was I thinking?

I remember feeling so much relief because we are talking and I was somehow wrong.

How could I have thought that?

I spend a few more minutes marveling at the boy talking to me, scolding myself for having said to anyone my son can't speak, for even having thought such a thing.

Why did I say that, how could I have done such a thing?

And then I wake up, the sound of his voice still in my ears, hearing him say "Mommy, why did you think I can't speak?"

And I wipe away a few tears, and take a deep breath and try to go back to sleep.

This is my recurring dream as nightmare.

Some days it feels that we are a few syllables on the way to real speech, not signs or a computer-generated voice.

But I can't stop the dream from invading my sleep and can't tell whether it is a portent of the future or a message for me to release it.

Perhaps if I release my own dream for his voice the dream as nightmare will stop, but I'm not willing, or at all able at this point to let go.


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