Monday, February 17, 2014

Steyn: A Man Alone

Just saw this little essay at Mark Steyn's place. 

Sometimes Steyn's most inspiring gems are kind of hidden on the web site in little unassuming posts.

The main point of this piece is that rare is the person who will stand up to the bullying masses, and not throw their "friend" to the wolves and cave under political and societal pressure.

The other takeaway of course, is that Mark Steyn clearly needs the support of the semen-friendly, vagina-positive and freedom-loving masses! 

(You can support the fight financially here.)

I always knew Steyn was philo-semitic but philosemenic is a rather good battle cry as well.

It's "major salutary"- to steal liberate a Steynism from the piece itself. 

I'm totally down with that!




You're not alone, Mark Steyn! 

(And anyway, didn't your Mamma tell you can go blind from that stand alone, man alone stuff?!?!?!! We need your eyes and pen and words and mind battle-ready!)