Friday, February 28, 2014

"Once Again, Feminism Has Found a Way to Call the Degradation of Women Empowering."

An incredibly astute, if not horribly depressing article from Naomi Schaeffer Riley. 

"There is no way to know the details of Lauren’s background, but there is reason to think that her parents, despite her statements to the contrary, know exactly what she has been up to. She has been viewing porn since the age of 11, she says. She suddenly had an extra $4,000 a month to contribute to the tuition bill. She turned down a full scholarship to Vanderbilt in order to attend a school she couldn’t afford without letting men abuse her on camera."

(She says she found Duke more “spiritual.”)

"So where are the grown-ups in Lauren’s life? Cheering her on."

"Her parents at least tacitly approve of her activities."

"Her women’s studies professors are probably applauding as they pen articles in academic journals about her courage."