Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hugh Hewitt Rips the GOP A New One ("Tone Deaf, Insulated and Suicdal")

I don't think the GOP understand the word "win" like you and I do. 

"Again and again some sect of the D.C. GOP develops a sweeping policy proposal –in secret– unveils it to great expectations and the nods of Beltway elites, and then are shocked to find their base voters are adamantly opposed.  Again and again the chief sponsors of legislation refuse to listen to anyone not already inside their circles, and every time big Beltway interests distort the desires of party regulars. Again and again, shocked D.C. elites who were expecting acclaim get hit with a tidal wave of disdain."

"Every time the chief sponsors refuse to talk to the base via talk radio, key cable shows, or social media.  Every time they refuse to answer tough questions and engage the base in conversations before they unveil the New Coke.  And every time they pull a dead rabbit out of their hats and are shocked when talk radio and cable news audiences are appalled and angry and erupt on Twitter or other forums."

Why won't they deliver what conservative voters want? 

America needs a third party.