Thursday, February 13, 2014

The OC Register on Harris Versus Quinn

It's exactly this: 

"the problem is not so much free riders as it is “forced riders.”

"It is patently absurd for an organization to claim to represent someone without her consent, and then to charge her for the privilege of the violation of her freedom of association (or, in this case, the freedom not to associate)."

"The actions of governments and public employees unions reveal that the true purpose of their forced unionization scheme is not for the benefit of the home-care workers, but rather for the benefit of the unions and union-backed politicians."

There is LOTS of money at stake and the Obama administration is very nervous about this case. Joe Biden has already nervously brought it up in public.

Pam has gotten under their skin. 

The problem is that Americans don't realize that ANYONE getting any kind of entitlement, payment, rebate, whatever from the government, could find it quite easily clawed back.

The only purpose of this cash grab is to grab the cash.

These people are NOT recognized as civil servants or public employees for pension or any other kind of benefit.

It is SOLELY to take the money and keep it in the union/Democrat/Big Labour coffers.