Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fresh Steyn! The Happy Warrior on Free Speech

Fantastic essay.

"Yes, We Can Say That."

Read it a couple of times and still can't pick my favourite lines, so you have to read the whole thing.

Free speech is Steyn's fire-in-the-belly stuff and it's soooooo gooooooood. 

Mark Steyn's got free speech feeevah. 

Feevah, I tells ya!

OK, a couple of choice nuggets but then read the whole thing.

And hey, nice hash-tagging, Mr. Steyn, nicely played indeed.




#Moderately Arousing


Right #BackToSteyn:

"Jonathan Kay, my former editor at Canada's National Post (I seem to be having a lot of disagreements with my editors these days), felt that Daniel Korobkin should not have been in the party that accompanied Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel. Rabbi Korobkin's sin was to have "praised" Pamela Geller, the "controversial" New York blogger and anti-jihad crusader."

"Actually, he didn't praise her. A year or so back, he gave a masterly demonstration of "moral turpitude and pharisaical narcissism" (as David Solway put it) all about how spiffingly marvelous Islam is and what splendid chaps his two Muslim teachers at UCLA had been — and, after 15 minutes of oleaginous multiculti boosterism, said, "And now here's Pamela Geller." 

"But Korobkin committed the crime of being in the same room as Pamela Geller, and, therefore, the prime minister of Canada should not be permitted to be in the same room as him."

"I don't care for all this beyond-the-pale stuff, because the pale is already way too shrunk. And, aside from anything else, once you get into the habit of banning and proscribing, your critical thinking goes all to hell."

Wait for it.....

"Which brings us to Michael Mann, the fake Nobel laureate currently suing NATIONAL REVIEW for mocking his global-warming "hockey stick." Of the recent congressional hearings, Dr. Mann tweeted that it was "#Science" — i.e., the guy who agrees with him — vs. "#AntiScience" — i.e., Dr. Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology."'

"That's to say, she is by profession a scientist, but because she has the impertinence to dissent from Dr. Mann's view she is "#AntiScience." Mann is the climatological equivalent of those bozo imams on al-Arabiya raging about infidel whores: He can't refute Dr. Curry, he can only label her."



What really makes lefties batshit crazy is us uppity, right wing, conservative Jewish women. 

For real and not for joking-this is something that is UNACCEPTABLE to the squishy, faux-conservative masses.

So they can #KMZT

Kiss my Zionist tuchus.