Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glenn Beck Rocks: Check Out The New Glenn Beck Buycott for Israel! Amazing!

What a fantastic initiative.

Check it out!

I would add to this-if you really want to support Israel, save your pennies and visit Israel. Put your money right into the country by traveling on El Al. If not El Al, still think about the direct impact that your money can make on the Israeli economy.

Tourists spend money in hotels, in small business, on tours, in attractions all over the country.

Tourism works. It's a great way to invest in Israel.

I also recommend Israeli wines. There are some amazing wines coming out of Israel nowadays. If your local liquor store notices a spike in sales, they will stock more. The wines from the Golan Heights and all kinds of small private vineyards all over Israel are wonderful and quite easily compete with European, Chilean, Argentinian, Australian wines, etc... Really good stuff.

If you are buying from Israel, check out a really neat business run by some good friends of mine and consider making a purchase:

Kidron Soap!

It's good stuff!

The Milk & Honey soap is amazing and lasts for a really long time, it's a nice, thick bar and mild smelling. The face cream is thick also and very nice. And I also recommend the lip balm.