Friday, February 7, 2014

Glorious: Mark Steyn Tears John "I Dodged Bullets in 'Nam" Kerry A New One

There is absolutely no doubt that Naftali Bennet could kill John Kerry with his bare hands.

Probably with one finger. He's a dude. Seriously!

And the other cool thing about Bennet is that he actually, you know *made* his own money-lots of it.

He didn't marry it.

So read this.

I laughed out loud on the subway.

American Smart Power: Talk Butchly and Carry  Kerry A Small Twig: 

(Apologies to Mr. Steyn for that small little change, I hope he agrees it improves it..)

Interestingly, the tone-deaf, ram-a-deal-up-Israel's wazooo crowd is IMPERVIOUS TO THE FACTS.

Nasty Fact: About 70% of Israelis don't trust America on security.