Monday, February 10, 2014

Mark Steyn Pleads: "My Eyes Are Up Here!!!"


Just kidding.

Alternate title "I am not a bimbo!"

Ha ha!

But seriously, great interview with Hugh Hewitt right here.

Very insightful. Always wonderful pearls of wisdom in these interviews and I am so glad they are transcribed. Personally, I always find an extra layer of depth when I read words off of a page. There are different levels of comprehension and understanding with auditory processing as opposed to reading the same words off of a page-that's my experience anyway.

Aside from his obvious grasp of the evil nature of the Obama administration, as witnessed by their complete disregard for the Americans murdered in Benghgazi, Steyn has a razor sharp observation on the nature of addiction and celebrity and idleness.

It's buried down below, but ponder these thoughts for a moment, won't you?

Hugh Hewitt:

"All right, I want to switch, because I began the week talking with David Mamet about Philip Seymour Hoffman. You know a lot of these actor people. You’ve covered stage and screen for a long time. You’ve written a lot of obituaries about a lot of people whose lives were cut very short. Are there more actors running around with this kind of problem than we imagine? Or is this a rare and tragic story? Or a common and tragic story"
Mark Steyn:

"I think there’s no doubt that extraordinary people are under great strain, and the way they compensate for that is by loosing a dark side of themselves, which leads to addictions of one kind or another. I think that’s true. All I would say to counter that, though, is that there are lots of ordinary people who don’t have to go on stage and hold, single-handedly hold a show in front of 2,000 paying customers every night. There’s lots of ordinary teenagers all over the bucolic, rural state of Vermont who are doing exactly what Philip Seymour Hoffman did without the mitigating circumstances. But I think there’s no doubt that at a certain level, where you know, people, you’re carrying the movie, you’re carrying the play, if the movie fails, if the play fails, it’s because people don’t like you. And it’s very personal, that, and it does drive a lot of people, as I say, to explore the darker side of their appetites."

Thefore, when in America:

"...there’s two and a half million people in fewer jobs, and all the New York Times and Washington Post and all the Obama spokesmen say this is great. People will be free to explore their potential and liberated to do what they want to do. And in fact, actually, it’s the opposite, that if people don’t have to get up and milk the cow at Five in the morning, and they don’t have to get up and put on a tie and go to the office in the morning, then actually this kind of stuff is all that’s left.

"And that’s, the underutilized people, the Devil makes work for idle hands. And that’s certainly the explanation for the heroin addiction in Vermont."

(I usually say, idle mind-playground for the Devil, but you get the idea. Great stuff from Steyn, as always.)