Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sage Words From the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH.

"You should always listen carefully when someone is telling you to shut up."


Is it terribly wrong that I sort of have a thing for that line?

I confess, I don't get out much. 

(It sort of reminds me of my own philosophy of not taking advice from anyone who hasn't walked the walk. If they only talk the talk, I couldn't give a sh&t about what they are saying. For example, I walked out of a fitness class where the truly zaftik instructor's muffin top was flowing over her leggings. Yuck. I will not have my hair done by any female hairdresser with a butch, male hair cut and no make-up on. So sue me.)


Further to Mr. Steyn's absolute gem of a life clue,  you should also examine very carefully who is telling you to shut up and why.

Why on earth must they silence you? What do they have to gain? What do you have to lose?

Consider it very carefully and then never, ever, ever, ever, EVAH EVAH EVAH shut up.

Do not let anyone, not even the losers of "The First Church of Settled Science" shut you up (OH MAH GAWD SERIOUSLY DYING ABOUT THAT ONE ALSO LAUGHING MY EVIL, RELATIVELY FIRM ZIONIST TUCHES ABOUT THAT ONE ALSO).

Even when they have  declared that The Doctrine of Alarmism cannot be refuted, never shut up. (Maginficent!)

So, remember to support Mark Steyn by buying some stuff or a gift certificate that you can redeem or not sometime or not ever.

*AHEM*  Still waiting for the "Liberty Stick" product line.

Just a t-shirt, geez people, don't get all excited!! 


If you are not flush with cash, but have an internet connection and some time on your hands and some good sleuthing skills, a note from Mr. Steyn himself:

"Don't forget, we're moving into the discovery phase of fake Nobel Laureate Michael Mann's defamation lawsuit against me for mocking his global warm-mongering "hockey stick", so if you've any suggestions as to what we should be asking for - third tree-ring on the left, etc - do pass them along to me via email at "