Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Steyn on Oakley: Preach It, Brother!

Was listening to this great clip in the car this morning. 

Steyn's right though, it's way more fun to preach to the unconverted.

And I'd pay good money to see the Reverend (Rabbi?!?!) Steyn do just that.  

Quite a number of shekels for that show indeed.

That would be moderately arousing very amusing!

The last time Steyn chatted with the unconverted-the Elmassry Socks, that it they rebuffed his kind overture for dinner.


Anyway, if you are in the general vicinity of CANADA, you can see Steyn live at this Manning Centre conference thing. 

I asked The Draidle if she's up for a road trip, but she said she probably couldn't take it and I am just not feeling the love for uppity Jewish conservative women lately from the establishment.

What's up with that?

However, lots of nice feedback from the regular suspects (the multicoloured, multi-ethnic, pro-West, pro-American, pro-Israel, conservative, Zionist, libertarian folks from around the world). So thanks very much for that!