Sunday, November 9, 2014

Steyn Audio: Interview With Jonathon Van Maren

Just had a chance now between laundry and dinner prep and other domestics to listen to this clip.

I'd advise starting at about minute 7 or 8 when Steyn actually comes on, and definitely persist despite the really regrettable audio quality because the content is excellent and vintage Steyn.

He touches on abortion, morality,whether or not he remains an optimist and as much of a "Happy Warrior" as the years plod on and whether or not he has any reason to gloat about his dire predictions coming true (spoiler alert: no, he's not happy about that at all).

Steyn does not want to be right about jihad, decline, our supine and pathetic Western submission.

He says that he wishes that all the 'great pansified eunuch men like Jian Ghomeshi' who say that Islam is just part of the great diversity quilt were right.

Like I said, great nuggets in here.

Do have a listen.