Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bernie Farber: Legitimate Target For Ridicule And Hatred

Oy to the Vey!

Bernie Farber is at it again: puffing up himself here and there, and now his current incarnation is "CEO of the Paloma Foundation".

It wasn't too long ago that he was the Senior Vice President for Government and External Relations at the Gemini Power Corp.


Paloma Foundation and Gemini Power Corporation. What is the common denominator?


It's Michael Dan. 

A self-loving, but alas, Jew-hating and Israel-hating Jew.


Farber is still clearly gunning for the Top Banana Tyrant job at the "Human Rights" commission of Ontario. 

If he gets it, Kathy is hoping that she is his first target.

Anyway, getting back to Bernie's incredibly stupid and poorly written tripe, this part struck me as pretty ironic for someone so very addicted to censorship.

"Perhaps its is time that those of us in the human rights community use the market place of ideas to speak out against race hatred and hate speech on places like Facebook. Emma Bond showed us that exposing right from wrong actually works. Indeed such action demonstrates how to effectively deal with publicly promoted hatred in free and democratic societies. We use words not bullets."

Guess what?

The enemies of civilization, the enemies of the Jews and of the West, they use bullets, not words. 

But if we were to take a page from the "words cause hate" book of the left, how about the Koran?

Does that cause hate, Bernie? 

Basically, Bernie's logic is the same as it always has been.

The Bernies of the world always say words started the Holocaust blah blah, despite the evidence (I know-facts are irrelevant) that the Holocaust actually started not with bad words, but bad deeds-Jews being denied their civil rights, and then having their weapons confiscated.

Furthermore-leftist tyrants like Bernie are not interested in free speech for you-or for anyone.

They are only interested in speech that promotes their own value systems.

The left has never been the home of free speech, no matter what they say.

That's a lie.

The left, as Mark Steyn always points out is serious about power. 

It's only about power.

So, they will tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to have their way.

The left's preoccupation with free speech is only sincere insofar as it serves its ideological goals, i.e the quest for power and the dismantling of Western and Judeo-Christian value and the supplanting of Judeo-Christian values with leftist principles and tyranny.

There are a few notable exceptions in the present day on the left-for example Bill Maher, but principled classical liberals are extremely rare. 

Therefore, any leftist who claims to be for free speech, and thereby freedom from incremental tyranny, should be viewed with considerable scrutiny and yes, suspicion. 

Do they want "free speech" for the speech that they find abhorrent and despicable as well?

That's the litmus test. Or do they only want "free speech" within the confines of what they define as civilized, permissible and acceptable to their tyrannical, leftist palate? 

Bernie has no interest in the marketplace of ideas.

In fact, he cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas because he is not intellectually willing to be there. It's philosophically antithetical to him and his ideological colleagues.

So he results to name calling ("Bully Bloggers") and desperate pleas for increasing state regulation on speech and inevitably, thought.

So his conclusion is particularly repugnant, and demonstrates the time-warp that he is philosophically trapped in: hunting basement-dwelling, 'right wing', Christian Nazis, instead of making any mention of the current incarnation of scripture-inspired Nazis who are yelling Allahu Akbar as they gleefully slaughter Jews in a Kosher grocery store in Europe as they were buying food for the Jewish Sabbath in Paris.

Bernie, there are Nazis hunting Jews in Europe again! Why don't you care?

He focuses on the ghosts of the Jews trapped in the Nazi camps of Poland and Germany, not giving a single care in the world to the Jews who were trapped in a freezer in a kosher grocer in Europe just last week.

He won't care about that, because it interrupts his appeasement narrative and he is terrified. 

Thus, while in the same paragraph where he acknowledges that "For fascist terrorists, free speech simply does not exist. Anyone who blasphemes the Prophet Mohammed must die", he himself says to the reader "Never mind that such murder of innocent people runs counter to Islamic law, this has nothing in fact to do with religion and everything to do with control and an imposition of values".

If that paragraph were not so pathetic and replete with idiocy and pretzel-bending "logic", I would laugh.

The fact is that this kind of see-no-evil thinking is rampant throughout the allegedly civilized and democratic world.

But it is most pernicious, and indeed evil, emanating from within a despicably complicit Jewish soul and voice.