Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ugh: Pretty Awful-Jack Nicholson, Alone and Approaching 80 Wishes For Loving Companion

The food is usually better at home, and skirt-chasing is pretty challenging in your 70s. 

You can have all the money in the world and all the conquests, every position, etc...but that cannot buy you happiness.

That said-NOT MY PROBLEM. 

Having a life partner is not easy. Marriage is not for p*ssies.

It's "easier" to do the easy thing-only in the short term.

Those of us who are in anything for the long-term realize that it's hard, and that you have to eat a lot of shit sandwiches-sometimes it's a small one, just appetizer sized one, and sometimes it's a regular portion, and sometimes it's super sized, and sometimes, like my brother recently said to me "sometimes you get an olive".


My funny brother actually improved on my Shit Sandwich line!

That makes me laugh every time.