Sunday, January 4, 2015

Magnificent: Susie Bean Breitbart "I Am Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired"

This is so beautiful. 

Please read the whole thing and take a moment to remember Andrew Breitbart, Z"L.

You know those people who remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, when whatever happened to whatever historical figure? Well, I remember exactly where I was when I read that Andrew Breitbart had died and I felt my heart sink in disbelief. I never knew him, just admired him and was inspired by him. He's the reason I stopped blogging anonymously so I am forever grateful to him. 

I don't want this post to turn into anything about me at all. I just want to share it because it's lovely, and for what it's worth, if you see this, I believe you, Susie Bean Breitbart. I believe that you will run and race and swim and triumph. This life, a life with loss is a marathon and not a sprint.

"As I write this, I am terrified. Terrified that you won’t believe me; that my kids won’t believe me. Most of all, I’m terrified that I don’t believe me. But I have no choice. I must make my way out of here or die in here."

"I will walk until I can run. I will run until I can race. I will dive into the ocean — under and over the crashing waves because, deep inside, I know I have the strength to push through them. I will smell the sea and feel the sand run through my fingers and remember I am loved and watched over."