Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Link Dump! Wheee!

Hey, Happy New Year!

I have a bunch of links that I saved so I am going to dump a large majority of them into this post, it's stuff that I read over the break, but didn't have time to post.

So for your reading pleasure: 

"Dr. Lastname"-if you don't read f*ck feelings then you really need to. Here's his advice about holidays and families:

"What holds a family together is not just love, but a willingness to put up with hate and keep it from breaking out in open conflict."

"The King of Clickbait-What Makes Stuff "Go Viral"-this was a pretty cool article. I love reading stories about how people make money-lots of money-on the Internet.

France Is Screwed: "Mental Illness" (a.k.a jihad) Is Taking Over France"

France Is Screwed: "The Islamization of France" 

The UK Is Screwed: Britain "Still Grappling" With Controversial Review of Muslim Brotherhood

America Is Screwed: Islamic values part of Common Core curriculum in North Carolina