Monday, June 8, 2015

Good One: How to Escape the Age of Mass Delusion

I've written about media sophistication and messaging (and ownership, especially of social media tools) in the past and how conservatives are missing the boat.

One big problem is that conservatives are pretty busy working, running business and raising their families. They don't have a huge amount of time left over for totalitarian politicking. 

But everyone needs to do SOMETHING.

As I always say, do what you can, not what you can't.

"When it comes to brainwashing, every one of us has our breaking point. But we absolutely must push back once we understand those tactics: “The totalitarian potentate, in order to break down the minds of men, first needs widespread mental chaos and verbal confusion, because both paralyze his opposition and cause the morale of the enemy to deteriorate – unless his adversaries are aware of the dictator’s real aim.”

"Of course, it’s really hard for control freaks to do their work on us if we are speaking freely with one another in friendship, and especially if we all understand what they are up to and can call them on it in one voice. So their first order of business is to separate us. A sense of enforced isolation is a cruel and effective tool for instilling loneliness and then delusion in people."