Monday, June 8, 2015

Very Good Free Speech Piece From the Great Douglas Murray (Which Will Be Completely Ignored By the Left)

Who put these a-holes in charge? 

OK, that's TOTALLY not Douglas Murray or Gatestone's header.

They are much too refined for that.

But that's the gist of it.

" does not matter even if Pamela Geller did wake up every morning obsessed by Islam, and the staff of Charlie Hebdo only wake up every other morning, or once in a while, thinking about Islam. The point is: Is what they are doing legal, and is it something that our laws and traditions protect? The answer, in both France and America, is " Yes."

"So from there on, it matters not a jot what political or other leanings the publisher or promoter of a cartoon might possess, or what his motivations for doing so might be. It is not our job to presume to look into the hearts of people -- as self-appointed groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center do -- and try to divine what their intentions are. If what they are doing is legal, we should defend them. When people -- who seek to break not just our laws, but our customs and our traditions of free speech -- attempt to kill those people, the response can be only solidarity."

(Good luck with that...)

"We are no more justified in making ourselves judge and jury of a victim or potential victim than the Islamists are justified in making themselves the self-appointed executioners. All that does is assist them in their task."

(I think that's what they want to do, just sayin...)