Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Sanity From the Wonderful Douglas Murray, Mark Steyn and VDH

So smart and brave and spiffy!

I like this part of Murray's piece best, read it VERY carefully:

"The crisis in the Mediterranean is an unbelievably complex and harrowing story. But it is also haunted — like everything else — by our past. Are these people going to become Europeans? If so, what type of Europe are we intending to make? Among the migrants travelling across continents to get here are some who will be coming not just to the geographical place called Europe, but for the idea of Europe. If there is one person who epitomises that idea for me it is George, himself a refugee in 1938 from Austria to Britain and a totem of our culture and politics."

"But while migrations have often happened, all migrations are different. How easy is it for an Eritrean to become a European? Not impossible. But not easy. Of course it would be so much easier if we were culturally confident. But we are not."

"And the fear I had, as I sat in that Raphael-bedecked room, listening to the heartwarming speeches while looking at an altar-screen of St George slaying the Dragon, was that we are doing next to nothing to introduce these new arrivals into the culture that comprises our continent. This is in some ways the greatest failure of our age."

That, and we are also screwed ("failing") because of the near universal, exquisitely dhimmified Western deference to Islam and the Muslim world, which Mark Steyn just called the "safest space" on the planet (while subbing for Rush Limbaugh this week).



PS: F&ck "safe space"!


More smart stuff here from VDH on building the new Dark Age:

First a reminder that "history is not static and it does not progress linearly."

Then a warning:

"The country is terrified about having a rational and logical discussion about almost every great issue of our times: unsustainable national debts and deficits, the new nexus between leftwing plutocracy and populism, the viability of Social Security and Medicare, deteriorating race relations, the Soviet-style American campus, global warming, and the deterioration of medical care. Instead, to preclude honest talk, we offer perfunctory charges of sexism and racism, and seek cover in “fairness” and “equality.”

"The redistributionist, equality-of-result state — fueled by a national progressive ideology — is the new deity that determines what is free expression. Blasphemy is now defined as daring to use logic and evidence to expose the state’s failed, deductive tenets."

"This descent into the Dark Ages will not end well. It never has in the past."