Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Culture of Death

A friend sent me this link in the morning, "apologizing" for being totally confused about it. 

I'm trying to refrain from letting Bruce Jenner live in my head rent-free, but occasionally I post articles about him that I think have a more universal message.

Here's what I told her. 

I think there are a lot of mentally ill people out there and unfortunately, lefties let them go untreated.

The left also feels that sexual pleasure and sexual gratification is the pinnacle of human achievement.

This is a depressing, empty, soul-crushing and deadly and nihilistic combination.

Biology is biology.

You can change your clothes and you can co-opt a corrupt medical establishment into playing along with your delusions for pay, but you cannot change your biology.

In my view, these people are very sick and usually suicidal if not for the attention that this kind of theatrical performance brings, they have all kinds of other self-destructive behaviours.

I'm not a shrink of course (not that I have any love or trust for the Helpy People), but it all seems pretty obvious to me. I've never seen a really joyful radical feminist, trans-anything, or a joyful Jew-hater.

When you attempt to flip human nature around, stifle natural sex roles, penalize those who reject that prospect, and cut the G-d of Israel out of every day human life, the results are predictable: misery and a nihilistic culture of death in every aspect of living.