Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Buddy Simcha: Time to Fight the Jew Haters

To which I can only add AMEN AMEN AMEN.

We cannot "fight" antisemitism, nor should we.

We need to fight the Jew-haters everywhere, every day and give them no rest. 

Nicely done, Simcha!

"It would seem that things, at the moment, can’t get worse, but they can. As practically every Arab state is collapsing in a heap of blood, guts and decapitated heads, Obama’s oft-repeated foreign policy goal is to create yet another failed Arab state – Palestine. Why? Even Hamas, the dictatorial rulers of Gaza, have made it clear that they don’t want a state, which they consider a Western invention. What they explicitly want is a launching pad from which to destroy Israel and create an Islamic Republic. But Obama doesn’t care. He’s going to give the Palestinians a state whether they want one or not, whether they deserve one or not, and whether its existence will further destabilize an already volatile region. Because, as should already be clear, it’s not about the Palestinians – it’s all about the Jews."

"And what are Jews doing about all this? Well, nothing. Israel’s leaders don’t even realize that the noose is tightening. While billions of dollars are spent by Israel’s enemies to demonize and marginalize Israel in the media, on campuses and in the corridors of power, the Israelis counter with “spokespeople” whose only expertise is that they have heavy accents when they speak English. As for Israel’s friends abroad, some of them spend their time “defending” Israel. This is a nice thing, but it’s a losing proposition. As any sport coach can tell you; if you only play defense, you can’t win."


"What to do? Fight back. Stop apologizing. Stop defending. Stop burying our collective heads in the sand. You can’t convince the Jew haters. You can’t embrace them, have sex with them or celebrate Passover together. All you can do is fight them toe-to-toe. You have to fight them in the media, you have to fight them on campuses, you have to fight them in the corridors of power – you can never surrender."

Screw defense.

Fuck "defending" free speech and double fuck "defending" Israel and us uppity Jews who want to actually live and breathe.