Thursday, October 29, 2015

Canada Is Screwed, Two Perspectives, Equally Depressing

This one just bummed the living crap out of me because it's so devastatingly accurate.

"During Trudeau’s nationally televised funeral in the fall of 2000, the older but more boyishly handsome of his sons, Justin, took full advantage of his first opportunity in the limelight to flaunt his devotion to his father’s spirit for all to admire. His flamboyant, self-important eulogy ended with a prolonged pose -- er, I mean pause -- with head pressed in grief against Dad’s casket, a moment which became the single most representative image of the funeral."

"Watching this reality TV show at the time, I distinctly remember that my wife -- the best judge of character I know -- was repulsed by a 28-year old son’s willingness to superimpose his own image upon his father’s last day in the national spotlight." 

"And I also remember thinking, “This guy is going to be Prime Minister someday, and his campaign began today.

Read the whole thing. Get your barf bag ready. 

And then there is this, the erudite grab-your-dictionary-before-you-sit-down-to-read it, David Solway on The Socialist Republic of Canada. 


"Justin and Canada are a match made in ideological heaven. People want big government, subsidies for perceived marginal groups and progressivist organizations, and lots of social programs, at the cost of individual autonomy and entrepreneurial self-reliance—thus joining a ubiquitous trend that is gradually devitalizing the western world as it moves toward growing welfarism and entitlement largesse."

"Many Canadians will wake up one day to learn they are living in the Socialist Republic of Canada in which many of the rights we have taken for granted will be abridged. We are already part way there."