Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Cult of Big Climate Claims Another Victim, French Edition

Behold: The "forced holiday" for climate "deniers" in France. 

"France's top weatherman has been taken off air after a more controversial announcement - criticising the world's top climate change experts."

"Mr Verdier claims in the book Climat Investigation (Climate Investigation) that leading climatologists and political leaders have “taken the world hostage” with misleading data."

(See Mark Steyn's new book and extensive blogging on this subject for more information on that...)

"In a promotional video, Mr Verdier said: “Every night I address five million French people to talk to you about the wind, the clouds and the sun. And yet there is something important, very important that I haven’t been able to tell you, because it’s neither the time nor the place to do so.”

"He added: “We are hostage to a planetary scandal over climate change – a war machine whose aim is to keep us in fear.

"His outspoken views led France 2 to take him off the air starting this Monday." 

"I received a letter telling me not to come. I'm in shock," he told RTL radio. 

"This is a direct extension of what I say in my book, namely that any contrary views must be eliminated."

And what made Verdier decide to challenge the consensus? 

Why did he decide to defy the Climate Ayatollahs? 

"He said he decided to write the book in June 2014 when Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, summoned the country’s main weather presenters and urged them to mention “climate chaos” in their forecasts."

“What’s shameful is this pressure placed on us to say that if we don’t hurry, it’ll be the apocalypse,” he added, saying that “climate diplomacy” means leaders are seeking to force changes to suit their own political timetables."


"Climate change" is the the broadest framework for leftist government control in the history of mankind. 

There is no subject on earth that "climate change" can not encompass. 

"Climate change" is, in fact, the most far-ranging weapon of mass destruction in the political left's totalitarian tool box. 

It's also kind of like a religion, and as a religion, has a lot in common with Islam. There are now blasphemy sentences being handed out by government. If you question the tenants of the religion, you are punished. Very harshly. Heretics shall be burned! 

Similarly, man secular governments in Western democracies also have vast, taxpayer-supported mutawa to enforce sharia on infidels and Muslims alike. 

I reject both forms of supremacy.