Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Exodus and End of French Jewry

"Does a gritty ex-cop's move to Israel signal the end of French Jewry?"

Short answer:


Longer explanation: 

"The question I most want to ask Ghozlan, 72, is whether his decision to move to Israel signals that there is no future for the Jews in France. And the answer he gives me is revelatory: “It’s not that there’s no future for the Jews in France. It’s that there is no future for the Jews in France that they want,” he says."

"He points out that the Jews of France now need to live “under protection the whole time: schools and synagogues under military protection,” and says that’s not tenable."

A child celebrating a bar mitzvah in France today has not known anything but anti-Semitism,” he says."

"And it’s the same in Belgium, in Spain and in Italy. And now with the migrants, Arab Muslims, you’ll see more Islamism and it’s going to get worse.”

"In the current grim climate, Ghozlan is certain that this year’s record figures of immigration to Israel will be topped next year and the year after."

“Young families want to get away. They’ve increasingly been putting their kids in Jewish schools for security reasons. But after Toulouse” — where a rabbi, two of his children and a third child were murdered in 2012 by an Islamist gunman — “they are too scared even to send their kids to Jewish schools. The very fact that their young children see that they are being protected by soldiers and the military is very disturbing for them.”

"Ghozlan asks rhetorically why the four Jewish victims of the Hyper Cacher attack were buried in Israel."

Why? Because families didn’t want their graves to be desecrated.”

Imagine that. Just imagine it. 

To summarize, living Jews in France are terrorized and hunted like animals with tacit government approval, and not even dead French Jews in France can hope to rest in peace in their graves. 

That means it's time to leave, with suitcases and not in coffins.