Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Making Popcorn: The Feminist Civil War Brewing Over Man With Penis Who Dresses Like A Chick

This is so delicious. 

"Feminist Stalwart versus Transgender Icon: It may sound like a warped new comic strip, but really it’s the first installment in what could be a series of very real conflicts between warring politically correct factions."

"Germaine Greer, the 76-year-old author of “The Female Eunich,” is making waves by lambasting the idea that Caitlyn Jenner may be honored by Glamour Magazine as “Woman of the Year.” 

"Jenner isn’t a woman, says Greer. He’s just attention-starved and seeking to steal the limelight from the women in the Kardashian family."

This writer really gets it. Here's what it's really about. But it's not "just" the media driving this, it's the entire political left. That's the biggest "driver". The media is just one tool in the political left's toolbox. 

She notes: 

"Greer is missing bigger drivers of the Caitlyn phenomenon."

"Our insatiable media must find new ground to break in tantalizing the public and normalizing what was once considered aberrant behavior. Cultivating a live-and-let-live attitude isn’t enough; alternative lifestyles must be celebrated as not only equal but superior to the boring, oppressive traditions that have dominated until now."