Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Hard-Hearted Jews"

This is Phyllis Cheslert's lament: 

"I am worried about Jewish hard-heartedness towards other Jews, and perhaps, a Jewish death wish."

The simple explanation is that they are hard-core leftists, who were merely born Jewish. That is the extent of their Jewish affinity-just born Jews. 

If you see them through a leftist prism, and understand that political leftism is their system of belief, and not Judaism, then it's very easy to understand how they behave and why. She is shocked. I am not. 

This behaviour is understandable when one accepts that these individuals are die-hard leftists. Therefore there is no reason for shock.  Although it's possible to understand the "root cause" of their behaviour, it does remain inexcusable, treacherous, treasonous and revolting.