Monday, October 26, 2015

Kay Wilson: An ABC On the Art of Slaughter

"It takes a devilish soul to slaughter someone with bare hands, in cold blood."

"A bullet through the head at least provides the perpetrator with an “empathy barrier” behind which he may hide his consciousness. Butchers wielding meat cleavers are a species in their own right. They have no ears to hear the squeals of the slaughtered and no eyes to see the life-blood that stains their hands."

"It is incitement that enables human beings to hack others to death without so much blinking an eye." 

"The blood of the murdered and future blood of innocent victims cry out from the ground to pressure the Palestinian Authority to put a stop to it. For years, and to no effect, Israel has demanded that the PA cease its institutional hatred, from which thousands graduate in the cult of death."