Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Israel Update

If you're wondering why I haven't written about Israel or commented on each event as it happens, it's partially because I'm too upset, and mostly because I'm pretty damned tired of Jews being hunted on the streets.

I'm sick of Palestinian barbarians raising their children to murder Jews and enjoy stabbing knives into the flesh of innocent Jews whose only crime is being alive. I'm sick of them enjoying the feel of our blood on their hands. I'm also sick of the journalists who blame Jews for running into Palestinian cars. I'm sick of reading about mothers going to the hospital to pray for their critically injured children. I'm disgusted by entire generations of Palestinians being raised on a steady diet of blood-lust. I'm sick of the parents who nurture the culture of death, who want their children to die, killing as many Jews as possible. 

I'm sick of the liberals and the leftists who say that it's a real estate conflict when it's a war of religion. Islam is at war with the Jews. I'm sick of the same leftists and liberals who would prefer to disarm Israel, and the Jews and like all of us better dead than alive. I hate their fake tears for dead Jews from the Holocaust and their visceral, soul-rotting abhorrence of living Jews. I hate the way they cheerlead for murderers. 

I'm grateful that there are plenty of Jews taking out the terrorists. I'm disgusted with the terrorist savages who live their lives dreaming of plunging knives into Jewish flesh or blowing themselves up to kill Jews. I hate them all, and their accomplices. 

I don't know what else to say, except that the Jews are not going anywhere. 

We will outlast every single attempt to extinguish us. We will live, we will pray, we will love G-d, we will love life, we will love our children, we will raise moral children and grandchildren. We will educate our young, we will invent, we will create, we will innovate, we will save lives, we will cherish life. We will sing, we will dance, we will love life and we will not let evil defeat us, not ever. 

That's all I can say for now.