Monday, October 19, 2015

We're Not Going Anywhere

Some thoughts about Israel:

The very best news of the day is that the 13-year old  who was stabbed in Jerusalem, by 13 and 15 year old Palestinian terrorists, has woken up from his medically-induced coma and is speaking to his family and breathing on his own. 

A couple of nights ago, I saw a prayer request on Facebook from his mother, and his mother asked for people to pray Tehilim (psalms) specifically for him. She was asking for prayers because he was one month away from celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.

I always talk to G-d, but as soon as I saw that I stopped and focused on that little boy for a few minutes. I prayed that this little boy would be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah, that he would recover. The thought of planning for a Bar Mitzvah but then having to plan a funeral instead was so overwhelming that I stopped breathing for a few seconds.

I am so happy about this boy. Among all the terrible news, especially the fatherless soldier who was killed, who was like a father to his siblings, the 13-year old's recovery is an absolute miracle. G-d listens to all our prayers but doesn't always grant what we want, or what we humans think is best. That's just the way it is. I felt very connected to this boy's family. I am so grateful that there is good news about him. I am thankful to G-d for answering this prayer.

Another excellent report from Israel can be found here, from Anne in Israel at Legal Insurrection. 

I like her line about the one thing that the Arab's haven't learned about us Jews: that they will never drive us out, no matter how much terror they 'pour' upon us. I think it's rather that the Muslim world refuses to accept this-that we will not just submit and/or die. We are fighters and survivors.  Our very existence is an affront to their theology.

This line was also wonderful-they won't win because "we have nowhere else to go".

Well done, beautifully delivered.

It seems that while sensible, normal human beings are horrified by the carnage in Israel, the demented, barbarous Palestinian knife intifadah, there are those who are totally grooving to Obama's Intifadah.

Who are the cheerleaders? Oh-ISIS for one. 

As the very brave Palestinian journalist Bassam Tawil comments, this has moved from a localized geo-political conflict to full-blown jihad. (I think it always was jihad, of course but that's just me.)

He says:

"We have turned the conflict with Israel into a jihadi war, the goal of which is to slaughter Jews, erase their history and expel them from this part of the world. This is not an intifada."

He explains what it is slowly and clearly, so that even the thick-headed liberal elites of the Western world could understand, if only their heads weren't so full of their own preening hot air and so-smart 'good intentions'. 

For a sample of the gaseous elitist windbag analysis, read Jeffrey Goldberg's latest missive in The Atlantic. 

Goldberg, an extreme liberal Obama fan-boy, has banned me from communicating him on Twitter (hahahahaha), so I can't tell him to his face what a spectacular blow-hard court-Jew he is. 

However, I can post his drivel here so that you can make your own judgement on his latest evasion of blaming Islam's role in the current wave of terrorism in Israel. 

Lede: "Knife attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere are not based on Palestinian frustration over settlements, but on something deeper."

Goldberg fails to mention that the Mufti of Jerusalem was a close associate of Adolph Hitler. WHOOPS. 

But still, what is that "something deeper"??? Hmmm. Whatever could it be? 

Something deeeeeeeeeeper? 


Islam, you stupid Court Jew. 

The only time Goldberg mentions Islam is to reiterate the questionable claim that the Temple Mount is Islam's third-holiest place (blah blah blah, etc....). That's it! 

He has more time in the essay to blame settlers and Jews who pray at Judaism's holiest site, and all those nasty uppity Jews that want to EXIST, while breathing in Israel! 

There is not a single reference to Islam's theological war with the Jews. 

Again, whatever could that "something deeper" be? 

It's the jihad, stupid. 

So basically, the essay is garbage. 


I'm more inclined to listen to an actual, real Palestinian describe the situation, rather than an effete, extremist liberal, American Jewish p&ssified pansy Nancy-boy. 

Let's end with Tawil, who summarizes much better than Goldberg. I'm actually shocked that Goldberg can carry on interviews nowadays, because his lips have been glued to President Obama's ass for such a long time. There must have been surgical intervention to separate those two. 

Anyway, Tawil says:

"This is not a struggle against "occupation" or a wall or a checkpoint. It is time to recognize that this is an Islamic State-inspired jihad to slaughter as many Jews as possible and wipe Israel off the face of the earth."

PAGING JEFFREY GOLDBERG, PAGING JEFFREY GOLDBERG: Please pick up the jihadist courtesy phone in the lobby! 

"When and if the Islamic State is finally eliminated or disappears, the Palestinians will emerge as the successors of one of the most brutal and murderous Islamic gangs that has surfaced in modern history."