Monday, October 26, 2015

Security is the New Shut Up

Initially, I was going to focus this post on the fact that Facebook is censoring a pro-Israel article by Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Here's the original Lévy article.

It's actually a relatively tepid article, but it does pack a few punches.

So, let's talk about that first.

I suspect that the article is considered most offensive by liberals because of the clarity of its condemnation of moral relativism, its dissection of the preposterous contention that the Palestinian barbarians are moderate, hapless and desperate, and how the author points out the abject lack of world sympathy for spilled Jewish blood.

Lastly, liberals like Zuckerberg are most offended because the conclusion is so clear: that it's not "just" about the Jews, and that the barbarity will be everywhere unless it is stopped.

"Intolerable, finally, the minor mythology growing up around this story of daggers: The weapon of the poor? Really? The weapon one uses because it is within reach and one has no other?"

"When I see those blades, I think of the one used to execute Daniel Pearl; I think of the beheadings of Hervé Gourdel, James Foley and David Haines; I think that the Islamic State’s videos have clearly gained a following, and that we stand on the threshold of a form of arbarity that must be unconditionally denounced if we do not want to see its methods exported everywhere. And I mean everywhere."

Everywhere is Sweden. 

No wonder Zuckerberg is censoring the article. We already know that he is an extremist liberal schmuck, complicit with Merkel in the destruction of  Europe.  More details here.  

The other side of this story is how normal people are being asked to believe that their own governments will protect them from evil, rather than throw them into the burning pyre. We are expected to believe that we should disregard what is front of our own lying eyes and pretend that everything is fine, and there is nothing to see here or anywhere. 

And when citizens are brave enough to say "I see what I see" and demand the right to respect their own cultural traditions and to respect their own fallen heroes, they are told that for their own "security" they will have to just shut up and stay home. For their own "safety", they must capitulate to terror.

Behold the capitulation of the formerly "Great" Britain:

"Boy Scouts and Girl Guides have been banned from marching in a local Remembrance Parade this year due to “safety reasons”. Leaders of the groups said they were very disappointed, but the organisers have refused to give any further reason for the ban."

This is such disgraceful behaviour, such a tremendous betrayal of the war dead that it is almost too repulsive to be able to succinctly characterize in  words. 

The proper response to this boorish and cowardly move would be to have the biggest commemoration in local history and to shame the "officials" who attempt to present cowardice as virtue. 

The proper response to intimidation tactics is always more of whatever "they" are attempting to silence and ban. 

We thus require more ceremonies, more speech, more debate, more freedom, more scrutiny of our elected 'betters' in government, more public public shaming of those who betray us, more public and transparent debate, more liberty and more freedom. 

More unapologetic and unrelenting flooding of our civil society with every single one of these items is the only way we ever win back any of the civilizational territory that has already been ceded to the darkness and the Culture of Death.