Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Leftist Media Tries To Blame Holocaust Denial on Netanyahu, Fails Miserably

This is absolutely hysterical.

The leftist media clutches their pearls because Netanyahu dared bring up the cozy relationship between the Mufti and Jerusalem and Adolph Hitler. 

They are screeching 'he got it wrong' and passing out on their fainting couches!

The most beautiful thing about this is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has succeeded in getting the entire world talking about the relationship between the two dead, Jew-loathing Nazi individuals, the meshing of their ideological minds and the relationship between German Nazism and pan-Islamic/Palestinian Nazism.

The score therefore is screeching, shrill leftists: 0

Prime Minister Netanyahu: 1


Just when you think that the Islamic-political left can't sink any further, they go further!

Jew-hating "Arab-Israeli" lawmaker who openly calls for Intifada against Israel and supports Hamas ("controversial" according to the Post), will be the guest speaker at a Holocaust celebration memorial event in Amsterdam. 

PS: Fuck you, Netherlands.