Wednesday, October 21, 2015

And So It Begins...

Canadians will not feel the real life effects of Trudeaupia Part 2 for a while.

Right now, liberals and other idiot Canadians are just basking in the afterglow. They want free stuff, ya know. Hopenchange, etc..

However, the strong and dark horses on the world stage understand very clearly that it is officially amateur hour in Canada.

To wit: 

Trudeau tells Obama Canada will discontinue air strikes against ISIS.

Simply put, if you're not against the terrorists, you're for them.


"While Canada's military capacity might be modest compared to ours, I do think it is important that Canada was involved in the bombing mission against ISIS as a matter of solidarity against barbarism. Trudeau is effectively withdrawing from the coalition which sends the message that the civilized world isn't serious about destroying ISIS."