Friday, October 30, 2015

Canada Is Screwed: Our Army Is Going to Be Used for Bringing Syrian Refugees to Canada

As we approach Remembrance Day, I have to say this makes my blood boil: 

"The Canadian Armed Forces are scrambling to determine how many Syrian refugees could be temporarily accommodated at military bases as they draft plans to help the incoming Liberal government fulfill a campaign promise to bring 25,000 asylum seekers here by Jan. 1."

"Ottawa is considering private airplanes to bring the refugees to Canada."


And especially enraging when it is being candidly discussed that at least TWO THIRDS of these people have extreme mental health issues (regardless of any security risks, of course). 

I received a note yesterday from a mother of three adult children with disabilities, who is aging and frail, as is her husband. They are all Canadian born, parents and children. 

Our betters in government cannot find a single, residential space for her large, adult son who is physically violent at times and requires constant supervision. Yet, there's money to bring mentally disturbed, potential jihadists on private planes to this country. 

We are in for a devastating, suicidal four years.