Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In Which Mark Steyn Wrecks A Song For Me For Life

Now, the song wasn't that great to begin with but still, it's going to freak me out forever, especially the quaint "and I saw him (her) standing there" lyric.

I mean-yuck o' rama.

But the neat thing about this horrifying blog post is how Steyn has summarized the current Muslim invasion of Europe as experienced by the European elites-namely Angela Merkel.

Because while most normal Europeans would probably characterize their continent as being raped, or at the very least, ravaged, Steyn points out that Merkel and her ilk see rather their actions as more of a Jebbian "act of love".

To wit:

"...the childless Angela Merkel has adopted every young male in the Muslim world".

Oy to the Vey, Eurabia.