Monday, October 26, 2015

Palestinian Writer Explains What The Current Wave of Violence Against Jews Is Called

It's the jihad. 

"This is, bluntly, just another wave of terrorism: targeting Jews for being Jews. The terrorists and their apologists do not distinguish between a Jew living in the city of Beersheba, and a Jew from a settlement in the West Bank. In the eyes of the Palestinian leaders and media, these Jews are all "settlers" living in "occupied territories." To many of them, and as they repeatedly tell us, all of Israel is "occupied territory."


"Most Palestinians continue to see Israel as one big settlement that needs to be uprooted and destroyed. It also shows that these Palestinians do not draw a distinction between a Jew living a West Bank settlement and a Jew living in an Israeli city inside Israel

"The Jewish victims of this wave of terrorism are all "settlers" and "colonialists" who deserved what happened to them because they are "living on stolen land." This is the message that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other Palestinian groups are sending to the Palestinians and the rest of the world: that "settlers" are "legitimate" targets that deserve to be slaughtered and shot dead by a people fighting for "independence and freedom."

"The appropriate term for the current wave of terrorism is "jihad" (holy war)."

"The attacks on Jews in Israel and the West Bank are part of the global jihad that has been waging for many years against Jews in particular, non-Muslims in general and even against other Muslims who might not agree with a differing version of Islam."