Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Please Remind Me Why These People Would Make Great Immigrants to Canada

Just caught this little bit about how even pro-refugee non-profit agencies are telling Justin Trudeau to put the breaks on his refugee plans.

Did you notice this little bit? I sure did.

Someone named Chris Friesen is the president of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance.

"The challenges post-arrival are significant," he said, noting a shortage of affordable housing and a lack of resources for health-care services in some places."

(DUH. How about worrying about Canadians who are already here first. I know-racist or something...)

"We've got waiting lists for language classes for six to 10 months in certain cities. We don't have trauma support programs in place to address the two-thirds of Syrians who are going to require mental health interventions."


Since when is it prudent to take in refugees, two-thirds of whom have mental health problems?!?!