Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The World According to Me-Wednesday Edition

Very busy, but wanted to get these links out there.

If you want canoodling puppies ya gotta look somewhere else today.

If you want to look at pictures of macrame cup holders: ELSEWHERE.

This is my round up of depressing and disgusting news.

From our "All Cultures Are Equal" file, via Mr. Bo Snerdley: "Fathers Rape With Impunity in Guatemala."

What lovely people! Let's get more of these people in our Western communities!

"In Guatemala, most pregnancies among girls under 14 are the result of rape at the hands of fathers or other relatives, but often it is the girl who is forced to leave the family home, and few perpetrators are punished, said a leading rights campaigner."

"Nearly a quarter of all births in Guatemala are among teenage mothers - one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in Latin America."

"In the majority of cases of sexual violence against girls, some as young as 10, most are committed by family members, mainly by the girl's father or stepfather," said Mirna Montenegro, the head of Guatemala's Sexual and Reproductive Health Observatory (OSAR)."

From America: 

Fantastic! What could possibly go wrong. 

Good stuff: MUST LISTEN! 

The moral equivalence is despicable (via the great Caroline Glick).

Watch the whole clip if you can stomach it, via the Free Beacon.

Good plan from Israel: 

In the UK, the formerly "Great" Britain: 

Disgusting story from Canada: 

Owner of Muslim woman gets pissed when she wants to show her face THAT SLUT! Imagine that! 


Actually, you must. 

Live. Enjoy. Fight back. Don't let the bastards grind you down.