Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mark Steyn: The Clock Ticks On


I have been seriously fighting the blahs today with this Liberal majority situation, I had to resort to the standards-exercise and retail therapy.

I read about 3/4 of this essay and got fully depressed again and had like a TOTAL hate-on for Mark Steyn for bringing me down, bro.

I mean, how many heinous, revolting the world is capitulating to Islam stories can one put in one post before one's dear reader (PERHAPS DEAREST IN CANADA/THE FREE WORLD) goes absolutely bonkers??!?

I mean like HEARTACHE!!

I'm reading this and I am FREAKING OUT, OK, because I'm thinking must I break up with Mark Steyn (today, and just temporary, silly people) because I just cannot handle another f&cking gotta-love-niqabs anecdote delivered to us by another f&cking liberal imbecile!!????

But have no fear, Steyn redeems himself with the funniest bit about strudel that I have ever seen.

I mean, let's face it, can we talk?

Strudel is not so funny, I mean it's Nazi Pastry for chrissssssake, am I right??? 

Like when I think 'eugenic pastry', Viennese apple strudel comes to mind.

Like, this is serious Hitler f&cking dessert territory.

So I laughed. And I'm still laughing.

So the bad, current news of  my life is: "Prime Minister Trudeau", which is truly hard to say without vomiting in my mouth just a bit.

But the good news is me and Mark Steyn are still together-just in case you were wondering. I know Mark Steyn will sleep better tonight because of this.

Sorry IS IT HOT IN HERE? All this talk about Mark Steyn and dessert is making me..ANYWAY WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT?

Right. Read the whole thing, but seriously guys, THIS FROM STEYN: 

"Keep those migrants coming! Austria:

By September they were arriving at the southeastern border at the rate of 10,000 or 12,000 a day. These migrants are associated in the public mind with the war in Syria but, in fact, come from throughout the Muslim world—Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Most of them are on their way to Germany. The great majority are young men. By the end of this year, Austrian authorities estimate, 375,000 will have passed through the country, and a quarter of them will have stayed to apply for asylum. Austria will have added 1 percent to its population in just about three months, with virtually all the newcomers Muslims...

Citizens of all the tiny countries that lie between the Middle East and Germany were witnessing a migration far too big for Germany to handle. They knew Germany would eventually realize this, too. Once Germany lost its nerve, the huge human chain of testosterone and poverty would be stuck where it was. And if your country was smaller than Germany—Austria, for instance, is a tenth Germany's size—you could wind up in a situation where the majority of fighting-age men in your country were foreigners with a grievance.

"Whoa. Don't go there, girlfriend. It's like The New York Times says:"

VIENNA As befits the city of Sigmund Freud, Vienna has two faces — one sweet, one sinister.

Behind the schnitzel and strudel, Mozart and the opera, lurks the legacy of the Nazis who forced Jews to clean sidewalks with toothbrushes... Now, to the astonishment of many and the alarm of some, the burning question in Vienna's elegant cafes is, Which face will prevail in the city's bellwether elections on Oct. 11?

"So, if you're not passing out the strudel to every strapping young Muslim lad coming down the Karntnerstrasse, you're a Nazi."

"Speaking of cleaning the sidewalks with toothbrushes, I don't think that'll cut it in the small border town of Nickelsdorf, now "an orgy of garbage and feces of unparalleled dimensions".

"In the most well-ordered and maintained country on the Continent, the sh*t is hitting the fans of open borders."

"We're gonna need a lot more strudel."

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !