Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mark Steyn's Scary Halloween Post and the Important Things in Life


I know-that's just my pathetic attempt at scaring you because NOTHING can match what's going on in Europe for scary stuff this fall.

Do take a read of Mark Steyn's Halloween post and the groovy new song. 

Beyond Steyn's groovy tuneage, the truly scary story of him being banned from United Airline's wifi (screw you, censors) tucked neatly inside his ever-suave scribbling comes this very sweet and sentimental tribute to Mr. Marvin Steyn, Esq.

(A tribute to Marvin Hamlisch? Marvin Gaye? Busy body Zionist Jewish mother from Canada inquiring minds want to know.)

"He came into my life last year at a rather dark and depressing time for me - and after a similar period, I gather, for him, as a stray on the mean streets. But he is a friendly and loving fellow, and, as time passed, in our daily interactions he taught me a lot about what's really important in life - cream, fish, a favorite window that catches the sun, and ripping the guts out of the occasional mouse."

It's the little things that are the big things. 

Long live friendship.