Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mark Steyn: "Infrastructure Challenges"

An excellent essay from Mark Steyn about Europe's devolution into a third-world, Islamic sh&thole, largely because of Angela Merkel ("the duplicitous skunk").

It's worth a read BECAUSE STEYN, but also, of course, because he cites yours truly and a post I did about the twilight of French Jewry and the twilight of France.

And if you don't believe every word that Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray, Bruce Bawer and I say (OK, just had to add myself into that illustrious company, it's my blog so I get to do what I want),  here are a collection of ghastly news articles that I have collected over the weekend, from different sources, that corroborate Steyn's prophetic vision for Europe: SCREWED. 

Germany: "Migrant" crime wave, police capitulate. 

Douglas Murray reviews the past 10 years of European blasphemy prosecutions. The question is often asked, 'what have we learned'. I'd say nothing. OK, we have learned something. That most people will sleepwalk into capitulation without blinking.

He notes:

"It is not just artists and writers who have learned the lesson; it is everyone -- from newspaper conglomerates to the people who serve food in restaurants. Our societies like to think that terrorism and intimidation do not work. They do -- or can -- but only if we let them. Over the last ten years, a couple of brief eruptions of sanctimonious point-missing aside, it turned out to be fear -- not Mohammed cartoons -- that went viral."

And reminds us: 

"Freedom, however, was never defended by more than a handful of people. Most prefer their comforts and a quiet life to anything that looks like a fight."

From the UK: Charming British village overwhelmed by invading "migrants".  


From Sweden: 

I mean seriously, what could possibly be wrong with that? 

Apparently, the Swedish planners are just deliriously happy about committing national suicide through Islamic invasion. 


"The centre, which is likely to made from prefabricated modular housing, is set to be put up in the coming weeks, most likely at Klarabergsviadukten, a major flyover next to the train station. It is expected to include washing and toilet facilities and is designed to be a place where refugees can keep warm and be fed during the harsh Nordic winter.

"It is not primarily meant to be a temporary new accommodation facility, but a reception from which people can move on," Olle Johnselius, a spokesperson for Stockholm City Council, told the TT newswire on Tuesday."

(Good luck with that! There's nothing more permanent than a temporary government program, as Mark Steyn would say...)

"He said that the final details of what the reception centre would offer were still being worked out by representatives from the council and said that officials from the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) and charities "must all be involved and speak up".

(The burried lede part is coming up...)

"He indicated that the move was also designed to shift refugees away from other parts of the station complex frequented by commuters and tourists."

"I think everyone wins through this," said Johnselius.

Everyone wins!