Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't Despair

So, it's Prime Minister Trudeau...UGH.

I was anticipating a Liberal minority government, but this is of course much worse.

The Canadian Media Party is delighted and the liberal gloating has begun.

There will be no earth-shaking changes to the country overnight, but Canadians (the ones with brains, that is) should expect a general deterioration in Canada's economic position, a relatively swift turn away from pro-Israel policies, more Muslim immigration, certainly a more precarious situation for Canada's Jews (never a good sign for any society) and generally less economic and personal freedom and liberty.

The good news is that nobody in the world really cares about Canada.

Clearly, the majority of (idiot) Canadians wanted the Libranos back in power. I think Douglas Murray was correct when he said that most people don't want to work hard for freedom, or fight for anything much. They just want to be comfortable, and freedom was only ever fought for and won for by a very small minority of individuals.

So, don't despair. Be that individual who still fights. It's still worth it.

Thus, my post-election advice:

In my view, the important thing in times like these is to focus on the micro. Let the Liberals expend their hot air (and your money of course) on the Big Picture Save the Planet stuff and let them really knock themselves out. Focus on the small stuff because the small stuff is really the big stuff. 

Keep raising your children well. Speak up for what you believe in. Take on the battles that you can, (not what you can't). Live well, tell jokes. Tell your family and your friends you love them. Sing. Dance. Paint. Pray. Give thanks. Give hugs.

It's always darkest before the dawn.